Optimax GH

A Property Management Application for Landlords & Tenants.


Why Optimax

Tenant Management

Manage all your Tenants

Full Accounting and Financing

Keep Record of Transactions between Tenants and Landlords.

Track All Property Equipments

Know the location and conditions of all Equipments within the Property.

Upload relevant Property Document

Keep Records of all Property Documents.

Quick & Easy Process with
best features

Manange Accounting and Finances

Landlord can record all payment transaction into the system.

Property File Upload

Landlord Uploads Property files (Building Plans, Contract Agreement, Reciepts...)

Manage Property Equipments

Know location of equipments that are within the property

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Equipment Maintenance Request

Tenants can raise equipment mantenance request


Tenants and Landlords recieve notifications on rent ending dates

Generate Payment Reciepts

Landlords can Generate payment reciepts for tenants to download

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